Need a Dutch speaking frontoffice?

Need a Dutch speaking frontoffice?

Since almost 10 years we are the Dutch specialist in CustomerContact with a full range of services:

Inbound services:

  • remote reception, telephone answering services
  • front-office services
  • back-office services
  • virtual secretary / personal assistant
  • customer services
  • first-line customer support
  • webshop support
  • chat services management on your website
  • Social Media management.

Outbound services:

  • Detailed follow-up on your mailings, exhibitions or events.
  • LEAD GENERATION: cold, lukewarm & warm prospects and customers.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • General customer surveys
  • Market research surveys

SociaalPlus is extra special; we operate our business with people with a so-called “distance to the labor market” 

For example people in a wheelchair, or with a visual impairment.


How you or your customers will notice that?

  • You will experience the professionalism, commitment, and involvement of our agents.
  • Going for the extra mile is included in our service!
  • You will, for example, experience that people who cannot see are even better at listening and verbal communication. And they manage to translate this into results.
  • You will love our flexibility and ability to follow your companies needs.
  • You will be thrilled with our competitive pricing.

Flexible professional solutions@the best Social Return On Investments 


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